The Pros and Cons of Restore Gold™

Have you been considering Restore Gold™? How do you know if Restore Gold™ is right for you? To answer this, it is often helpful for many to weigh the pros and cons.


PRICING – We Have Parkinson’s does a fair job of pricing Restore Gold™, considering it is a high dosage of seven compounds, not just one. One might be surprised to find that each ingredient is already available in the general supplement market and if one was so inclined, each ingredient could be easily individually purchased. In doing the math, one would find that Restore Gold™ is actually rather aggressively priced, yielding a substantial 50% discount, demonstrating We Have Parkinson’s commitment to helping the community.

Despite all of that, for some, each bottle of Restore Gold is a substantial investment which cannot be ignored. So, in considering Restore Gold™, one should be really committed to wanting to improve their quality of life. Committing to the suggested dosage for at least three to six months, drinking plenty of water, and exercising, are all critical components for those who are serious about taking Restore Gold™ and really want to maximize their experience.

MIGHT NOT WORK – We Have Parkinson’s generously shares third party verified reviews of those who take Restore Gold™, as well as self-made customer feedback videos. In the reviews it is quickly noticed how many cite benefits to Restore Gold™, indicating symptom relief to various degrees, and more importantly, little to no progression for many long-term users.

While that is all fantastic, We Have Parkinson’s is quite transparent about the fact that 18% note no reduction in symptoms after three months. However, at thirty-six months, 74% reported a slowing or pausing of Parkinson’s progression. So, it really comes down to how long one may expect to live. For some, traditional Parkinson’s medication offers just enough relief, despite the promise of ongoing progression and worsening going forward. If one expects to only live for another five years, then Parkinson’s medication alone might be best approach.

For those diagnosed younger, perhaps before the age of 70, it may be of more interest to seriously consider Restore Gold™. Obviously, while Parkinson’s disease promises to worsen as life goes on, who just wants to accept that? There may be more that one can do.

LOTS OF PILLS – As we mentioned in the pricing section, Restore Gold™ is a high dosage of seven different yet specific compounds. Each bottle of Restore Gold™ is an impressive 480 capsule container. In order to achieve the adequate dosage of each compound, the suggested daily dosage is four capsules four times per day, totaling sixteen capsules per day (some use a 6-6-4 schedule).

Again, it is this aggressive multi-faceted approach of seven carefully selected compounds that requires a dosage schedule that could be overwhelming for some at first. While most often, the dosage schedule becomes inconsequentially routine after some time, those who have some difficulties in swallowing may feel challenged in taking the suggested dosage. For those that swallow an average sized capsule (500mg), then there may be no issue.


NOT JUST A BAND-AID – Parkinson’s medications focus on just treating symptoms, while the disease rages on in the background, requiring more medication as time progresses, until eventually Parkinson’s medications sadly provide little to no relief. Restore Gold™ is substantially different as it contains seven impressive ingredients that have been studied against the root causes of Parkinson’s at a cellular level.

Many who take Restore Gold™ are interested in “fighting Parkinson’s” not just “dealing with it” as symptoms continue to worsen. While it normally takes three to six months for positive feedback for Restore Gold™, there exists no other product that has so many positive third party verified reviews from those with Parkinson’s disease. Of course, the only way to experience Restore Gold™ is to take Restore Gold™.

SIMPLICITY AND SAFETY – While Restore Gold™ is quite a number of pills per day, purchasing each of these ingredients separately at the same dosage would even more pills per day, not to mention, absurdly expensive. So, what We Have Parkinson’s has done is not only heavily discount these ingredients, but also offer the convenience of just one formula. Each ingredient is also labeled as GRAS by the FDA, meaning Generally Recognized as Safe. Restore Gold™ does not contain any side-effect riddled drugs or complicated invasive brain surgery.

As always, there are pros and cons to every decision, and that is no different with Restore Gold™. It is exciting to see that those with Parkinson’s disease are being presented with more and more choices, and in cases seen with those taking Restore Gold™, actually maybe making a difference in the quality of life and increased optimism for the future. For those interested in taking Restore Gold™, it is important to start as soon as possible, as Parkinson’s is progressing each and every day.

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