Can Restore Gold™ Reverse My Parkinson’s Symptoms?

We collect data and feedback from those that take Restore Gold™ for at least three months. About 82% observe positive results, which is quite a high success rate and we are proud of that. On average, feedback from RG responders have noted about 3-4 years of Parkinson’s regression, some more, some less. There is a slight correlation between time of diagnosis and observed success rates. Because of this, those that are in stage IV or V Parkinson’s are usually discouraged from trying RG. Understandably, there exists skepticism that Restore Gold can provide results for those with Parkinson’s disease. In response to this fair criticism we offer video reviews from those with Parkinson’s who have tried RG for at least three months. We also employ a third party independent company (Yotpo) to obtain and publish feedback in the form of verified reviews. This enables informed decisions for those considering Restore Gold.

Can Restore Gold™ Delay or Pause My Parkinson’s Progression?

We collect data and feedback from those that take Restore Gold™ for at least three months. Restore Gold has now been available for nearly five years. This has yielded some interesting observations. Some of our longest customers are noting observations in either substantially delaying Parkinson’s progression or the pausing of Parkinson’s progression. This is also true for some of us with Parkinson’s at WHP. Whether Restore Gold is pausing or slowing Parkinson’s progression in these individuals is difficult to tell as at least five years is necessary to properly discern between a substantial slowing or pausing. We would encourage reading some of our verified reviews for more on this subject.

Why are People Reporting Results with Restore Gold™?

Restore Gold™ is unique. For the first time, instead of focusing on simply one drug or natural compound, the seven top supplement ingredients popularized in recent medical literature relating to Parkinson’s disease have been combined together. Parkinson’s disease is correlated with mitochondrial dysfunction, alpa-synuclein aggregation, inflammation, and neuro-oxidation. Each ingredient in Restore Gold™ has been studied in peer reviewed medical journals for one or more of these common problems in Parkinson’s disease.

Can I take Restore Gold™ with my Parkinson’s medication?

Yes.  While we always recommend consulting your medical professional, Restore Gold™ is considered compatible with typical Parkinson’s medications such as L-dopa (i.e. Sinemet), Dopamine Agonists (i.e. Ropinirole), or MOA-B Inhibitors (i.e. Selegiline). For those taking MAOI class antidepressants, consulting your medical professional prior to taking Restore Gold™ is strongly encouraged due to possible interactions with the ingredient L-Tyrosine. For those taking thyroid medication, it is suggested to take Restore Gold no earlier than 2-4 hours after your thyroid medication as the ingredient L-tyrosine can reduce the effectiveness of the medication if taken too close in proximity.

What are the Side Effects?

About 5-7% of those taking Restore Gold™ mention experiencing some degree of digestive distress in the form of diarrhea and/or heartburn. Most experience no negative effects. For those that do experience digestive distress, we offer some strategies that often work well to mitigate such issues.

How can I submit a review for the Restore Gold™?

Only those who are verified buyers of Restore Gold™ can submit a review. After purchasing a Restore Gold™, review requests are sent to customers periodically by an independent company we chartered to collect reviews from our customers. This ensures accurate and honest reviews from those who have actually purchased our products. At three months, six months, and twelve months, we also send out surveys to collect anonymous data about one’s experience with Restore Gold™.

Is Restore Gold™ established by the FDA for Parkinson’s disease?

No. Ingredients found in Restore Gold™ are not established by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Restore Gold™ is a supplement, which not considered a food or drug. All ingredients found in Restore Gold™ are currently of high interest in the academic and medical community in the field of Parkinson’s research. Some ingredients have more support than others. We offer the medical journal articles for each ingredient on our product page. All ingredients in our Restore Gold™ are listed as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA. We recommend printing each medical journal article abstract to support any conversations with your medical professional.

Is Restore Gold™ GMP Certified?

Yes, Restore Gold™ is manufactured with strict FDA GMP certified manufacturing practices.

Restore Gold™ is compounded and capsulized at a GMP certified / FDA compliant manufacturer:
Catalyst Nutraceuticals-1075 Windward Ridge Pkwy, Suite 150 Alpharetta, GA 30005

Restore Gold™ is also independently random sample tested by Advanced Laboratories using HPLC methods to verify dosage and quality.

North Carolina Laboratory: FDA Registration #2000040688 (Click to View)
Utah Laboratory: FDA Registration #3006423386 (Click to View)
ISO/IEC  Accredited (View Utah) (View North Carolina)

The most recent independent Certificate of Analysis for Restore Gold™, testing for dosage and purity, is available upon request.

How does pricing compare to other sources of the same ingredients?

We are often told that Restore Gold™ appears to be expensive.  We Have Parkinson’s was formed to help those with Parkinson’s disease, and our pricing model reflects the same. When one does the math, many are surprised to find that Restore Gold is only 17 cents per capsule. For example, if purchased elsewhere, the typical market price for the same ingredients found in Restore Gold™ would be nearly twice the cost. Allow us to illustrate:

What is in 30-days of Restore Gold™?

Acetyl L Carnitine – 19.2g
Alpha Lipoic Acid – 12g
Grape Seed Extract – 7.2g
Green Tea Leaf – 12g
L-Tyrosine – 48g
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) – 48g
TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid) – 36g

What Do These Ingredients Cost Elsewhere?

Price Per 30 Days at the Same Dosage
GNC – Acetyl L Carnitine GNC – $32.00
GNC – Alpha Lipoic Acid GNC – $9.96
GNC – Grape Seed Extract GNC – $9.57
GNC – Green Tea Leaf GNC – $7.45
GNC – L-Tyrosine GNC – $14.44
iHerb – N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) GNC – $12.94

To purchase the same ingredients found in Restore Gold™ elsewhere would cost $158.36 every 30-days.  Our our Subscribe and Save offer for Restore Gold™ is $84.95.  We save you at least 47%.

Why Choose to Subscribe and Save?
  • Automatically re-order Restore Gold on your schedule.
  • Free shipping and 15% discount.
  • Easily change the shipping date for your upcoming Scheduled Orders.
  • Pause or cancel any time.