The Biggest Challenges of Living With Parkinson’s And How To Overcome Them

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is a terrifying and life-changing concept. The disease itself comes with a varying amount of symptoms and problems, which can make even the simplest things seem impossible to do. The challenges facing people with Parkinson’s disease can be daunting, especially with the other problems that arise as a result of the diagnosis. It is important to stay positive and realize you can still live your life to the fullest after diagnosis. Here are some examples that could help you overcome the challenges you may come across if you suffer with Parkinson’s.

Movement and balance

Parkinson’s affects the movement centre of the brain, which means that it will eventually effect your motor skills and balance. The severity of this symptom can differ from person to person, making daily tasks and work related jobs much more difficult. Although there’s no way of stopping this, there are things that can help reduce the effect it has on your life. There are different products available, such as Restore Gold, that have helped some people see significant improvements. A physiotherapist can help you overcome the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s, as deep tissue massages and movement exercises have been seen to help ease the severity of movement problems.


While suffering with Parkinson’s people often experience communication problems such as slurred speech or stutters. This can make it hard to communicate your thoughts and express your feelings. Seeking the help of a speech therapist can help you manage these problems during the early stages, in order to help you reduce their effects. Carrying a Parkinson’s alert card can also help in emergency situations. It is a small card that you give to people if you’re having trouble communicating, informing them of your condition.


When dealing with Parkinson’s disease the attention is often focused on the physical symptoms as opposed to the emotional issues caused by the condition. The effects of PD on mental health can range from anxiety to depression, and are common amongst people suffering from the disease. If you are suffering from a mental health issue then it is a good idea to consult your doctor who may prescribe you the necessary medication. Psychological counseling or therapy can help you to stay positive and deal with your anxiety, or get through your depression. Above all it is important to remember that there’s still life after your diagnosis. You can still move forward and make the most of your life. Own the disease, don’t let it own you.

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