The 6 Most Common Questions of Newly Diagnosed Parkinson’s Sufferers Answered

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, we bet a mountain of questions have been whizzing round in your mind. However unless you ask the specialist has been able to answer all of your questions, you could find yourself not knowing where to turn.

As Parkinson’s sufferers ourselves, we know how you feel and know the questions you have. So to help answer some of those burning questions, we’ve put together some of the most common questions – and answers – just for you.

Will I get better?

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological condition. Causing problems in the brain, the disease gets worse over time. However it’s important to remember that everyone’s Parkinson’s progresses differently and at different speeds, so just because someone you know has symptoms that appear to be getting worse quickly, it doesn’t mean yours will too.

Can I still drive?

Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to stop driving – especially not in the early stages. This being said, there are things you will have to be aware of should you continue to drive, while you may also need to have medical or driving assessments undertaken by professionals.

Can I still work?

Just because you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, it doesn’t mean you have to stop working altogether. Treatment can help keep the symptoms at bay, and allow you to keep working for as long as you wish. Likewise, informing your employer of the diagnosis will ensure they are able to offer you the help you need – when you need it. Check out our blog article on working with Parkinson’s.

Will I die?

Another misconception is that those with the disease will die prematurely. While it’s true that as the condition progresses, the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease can get worse and make it increasingly difficult to carry out everyday activities alone, Parkinson’s doesn’t directly cause people to die. However the condition can place added strain on the body, and as a result, make some people more vulnerable to serious and life-threatening infections. But with advances in treatment, most people with Parkinson’s Disease should now expect a normal, or near-normal, life

Is there a cure?

There is currently no cure, but in recent years, experts have come a long way towards developing one. The supplement formula Restore Gold has been shown to ease some people’s symptoms in as little as three months. Based on feedback from those who take Restore Gold, the best experiences appear to be correlated with stage one, two, and three Parkinson’s and is associated an 82% positive feedback rate.

Do you have any unanswered questions relating to Parkinson’s disease?

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May 24, 2019 Parkinson's Blog ,
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