Amy: My Parkinson’s Disease Story

At We Have Parkinson’s, part of our mission is to share inspiring stories from people with PD. Not only do we want to raise awareness of Parkinson’s but also remind sufferers that they are not alone and they are not necessarily fated to decline. Today, we’re sharing Amy’s story. Amy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease two years ago. She was just 48 at the time, and working as a law professor.

Amy’s story started the same way as a lot of Parkinson’s patients. She first began to notice rigidity and chronic pain in her fingers which traveled up through her wrists and her arms. This was accompanied by tremors and shakes that occurred all over the body for no apparent reason. This then progressed into severe fatigue and, another common symptom of PD, a change in voice to a lower, quieter tone.

Amy after the Yosemite Half-Marathon

As a teacher, these symptoms of Parkinson’s soon began to affect Amy’s working life. The fatigue would make it difficult to get through the working day, particularly in a profession that requires constant engagement and interaction with others. Her tremors and walking began to worsen. When this began, she visited the doctor once again to express her concern and her Parkinson’s diagnosis followed not long after.

As a natural academic, Amy gravitated towards research following her diagnosis. She wanted to know as much about PD as possible. She looked into complementary treatments, searching for something that would potentially help her life to be as normal as possible. After trawling through a ton of research papers and different information, Amy was particularly interested in the way certain supplements could possibly ease Parkinson’s symptoms. She noted, in particular, the benefits of NAC and alpha lipoic acid.

This interest in supplements led her to us as at We Have Parkinson’s. Her curiosity is what led her to us, but the science behind Restore Gold is what made her stay on the site. For many people with PD, having that research and knowledge to back up Restore Gold makes a world of difference, and Amy herself decided to give it a try.

In the months since she began taking Restore Gold, Amy has regained energy and movement and has seen no progression. After five years of retirement from recreational running, Amy recently started running again, and in May she completed a half-marathon, feeling great all the way. You can see how she describes the experience herself here.


It used to be believed that Parkinson’s symptoms would always continue to progress. Many are now challenging that belief with surprising results.


If while taking Restore Gold™ it is discovered that Parkinson’s symptoms are still progressing, We Have Parkinson’s will fully refund up to three months (three bottles) of Restore Gold™. Click here to get started on Restore Gold today, the sooner the better!

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