7 Ways to Help with Fatigue in Parkinson’s Disease

Fatigue is a common, frustrating symptom of Parkinson’s disease. It can feel both physical due to lack of sleep, or mental due to apathy or depression. Pain from symptoms such as rigidity can make falling asleep more difficult, or insomnia can inhibit sleep altogether.

These things all add up to tiredness and fatigue during the day, but making changes to your routine, physical activities or medication may help you feel more energized. Here are seven different ways to help you battle your fatigue and have more energy throughout the day.

1. Budget your energy

Try to get to bed a little earlier if you know tomorrow will be busy. Take breaks if you need them and try to pace yourself during the day. Know your limitations and prepare for any special events or busy days ahead of time. If you know the next day is going to be busy, rest the day before as much as possible.

2. Exercise regularly

While this sounds counterproductive, some people feel that starting the day with a quick walk or yoga session helps them feel more energized throughout the day. Exercise can help you sleep better at night and can also help reduce stress. Listen to your body; sometimes a bike ride, walk, or other form of exercise is the perfect thing to get your blood pumping and your body moving, but other times you may just need to rest. Again, know your limitations.

3. Take a short nap

Longer naps too late in the day can disrupt sleep, but 30-minute naps can restore hormones and proteins involved in stress and immune function to normal levels. It can also help repair the damage of a poor night’s sleep, and can help improve mood, alertness and performance.

4. Keep a regular schedule

Try to go to bed around the same time and get up at the same time, even on the weekends. If you have trouble falling asleep, try adding reading or another relaxing activity into your nightly routine. Studies show that a regular routine before bed can help you fall asleep more easily at night and stay asleep until morning.

5. Try to reduce stress

Stress worsens fatigue and lowers your immune system. If you’re feeling stressed out, exercising, meditation, reading, writing, or anything you find relaxing can help.

6. Have fun

This may sound obvious, but finding activities that you enjoy can help with fatigue. Spending time with a good friend, doing something you’re passionate about, or watching an engaging movie can all help you feel more energized. Getting out and enjoying yourself, or even doing so from home can all help fight your fatigue as well as depression and stress.

7. Consider Restore Gold™.

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