7 Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition, which means that the effects will gradually get worse as time goes on. Unfortunately there is no direct cure for the disease, but there are certain ways you can help ease the severity of the symptoms. We’ve compiled a list of different exercises and activities that can help people suffering from PD to improve their mobility and increase their vitality.

Regular walks

Taking regular walks outside will help to improve your mobility and give you the chance to clear your head. Walking with a friend or helper will give you the confidence and security to get up and get out.


Swimming is a good form of cardiopulmonary training, which can help to increase and maintain muscle strength. Your arms and legs will be working simultaneously, which will improve coordination.


One of the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s is loss of balance, which can make even the simplest things very difficult. Yoga can help to improve your balance and strengthen your core over time.


The effects of Parkinson’s can often cause stiff joints and tight muscles, making movement-based symptoms even worse. Daily stretches can help to loosen up your sore joints and relax your muscles. It’s advised to focus specifically on the areas that are causing you the most discomfort.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises improve blood circulation and increase the amount of oxygen being delivered to the heart and brain. Even a small amount of exercise each day can boost your energy levels and improve your immune system. Activities such as dancing and jazzercise are perfect, but anything that gets you up and moving will help.


Playing sport is a great way to get active while having fun. Depending on your specific condition, you may want to avoid contact sports that are too physically demanding, but things like tennis, golf and ping pong are great ways to stay fit and improve hand-eye coordination. Undertaking a sport also gives you something to focus on, taking your mind off thinking about your visible symptoms.


Parkinson’s Disease can cause a lot of emotional stress and mental health problems, which can often be harder to deal with than the physical symptoms. Meditation is a great way to relax and clear your head. It can give you time to reflect and come to terms with your condition, helping you to be at peace with yourself.

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