Data Collection Methods

Our data collection program consists of contacting and collecting each person’s experience with our increasingly popular product, Restore Gold™.

Because most of the initial positive feedback occurs between 2-4 months after beginning Restore Gold™, we begin our surveys after three months and continue every three months going forward.

Each person beginning a Restore Gold™ protocol is sent a standardized survey at 3 months. While we encourage participation from every individual, it should be noted that not every person responds. Our current response rate is 78%. (Last Updated: 8/21/2017)

Some Data Points

  • At the three month point 87% decide to continue taking Restore Gold™ going forward.
  • Out of those who report experiencing benefits after 3 months, the average observed benefit is noted at 2.6 months.
  • The most commonly reported side effect is digestive distress, such as heartburn or diarrhea, at 7%.
  • For those that experienced digestive distress, 93% were able to resolve the issue through a graduated dosage schedule.
  • After three months of use, 84% recommend Restore Gold™, 5% do not recommend Restore Gold™, and 11% are unsure whether they recommend Restore Gold™.

Feedback Summary – Symptom Regression

Reports After 3 Months

Observed Symptom Regression 82%
Observed No Benefits/Unsure 18%

Feedback Summary – Slowing of Progression

Reports After 3 Months

Observed Slowing of Progession 62%
Unsure of Slowing of Progression 38%
No Slowing of Progression 0%

How Does Our Pricing Compare?

Our Pricing (30 Days) 83.32$
Other Manufacturers (30 Days) 160.50$

We Have Parkinson’s exists because we want to help. One of the ways we help is in our pricing model. All of our ingredients already exists on the supplement market, however, we are the first to offer these specific supplements at these dosages in one convenient package. To purchase these same ingredients in Restore Gold separately from other GMP certified manufactures, one would pay about $160.50 per month, verses our discount of $83.32. We are constantly working on leveraging lean six sigma best practices to ensure the best possible price for our customers. We guarantee that you will not find the same ingredients at the same dosages at a lesser price than at We Have Parkinson’s.

Did you know?: In June 2016, a clinical study discovered that one of the ingredients in Restore Gold™, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), increased dopamine binding by 9% and improved the standard Parkinson’s rating scale by 13% after just three months.(1)  That is just one ingredient in Restore Gold™.  We offer six more.

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